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Monday Module Mashup - Organic Groups Panels

Organic Groups Panels (ogp) is a new Drupal module that I think will become a phenomenon. Thanks to everyone who created this module (and its dependents)! It comes just in time for a project I'm working on now. Sweet!

Organic Groups (og) can solve so many complex group development models. I love it, but it always deserved a bit of custom coding to improve the user interface. Organic Groups Panels, released and distributed with OG, makes it so that I can turn that custom coding into Views and Panels that are OG aware. What this means is more functionality passed to the Group owners (privileged users) while reducing programming efforts.

Here is a screencast of this new functionality deployed on by Josh Koenig.
And here is a look at what I have done with the A2Drupal group page.

I'm really trying to contribute code back to the Drupal community but I can't keep up with this pace of development. Approximately one new module a day, one great module a month and a few ground breaking modules like OGP in the last year.

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